Monday, January 19, 2009

Encounter #127: Slightly out of fashion.

My new friend Jocelyn is a super David Byrne fangirl. When I arrived at her apartment last night after one of the best birthday parties I've ever been to, she had this album playing SUPER loud. I sat on the couch and drank it in all silent. I felt it so hard I fell asleep in its audible arms. (Then I went home.) They may be old, but these guys do know sounds. They know life. You can download the single, "Strange Overtones," at the webpage right here, which is where I got this code to embed. You can also pay to download the album, which I should have a while ago, but I've been streaming it every time I want to hear it. And, given its resonance with my new New York life, that may happen more, and that may translate into MP3s for those sometimes-interminable train rides. It's snowing here. --RWK

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