Monday, January 19, 2009

Genius Marketing #44: Shepard filmmakers
Reclamation #4?
Design Poach #7!

As in marketing for the country. And, these guys. And, Paste Magazine. I shoulda made one of a lady. And, probably, more Americans. But, well, these are the pix I have on my hard drive. You can make your own posters by clicking here. --RWK


  1. made a Daniele Huillet one before realizing that she wouldn't want to associate herself with center-left electoral politics.

    however, I think my Clara Bow one is pretty rad.

  2. that bow is a beaut

    you think pedro costa would be happy with these? or godard for that matter? any of these fools? we commodify all our fave far lefts! cuz we gotta let the world know that we have GREAT taste.

    often cuy and i laff: wtf IS this blog?