Saturday, February 21, 2009

Songs #34: Muh gurhs / social STATS

my gurhz
So this new Animal Collective album is pretty great, right? I finally listened to it all the way through on my headphones and, yes, I feel its groove. Some kind of post-BrianWilson slash synthsyrup mess. It's a mess. But it's fun. Also, there's already been some great remixes of that standout song "My Girls" which I've poached for us here...

original version [direct link via rooftop fist fights]

Gigamesh "proper house" remix [direct link via pretty much AMAZING]

HATCHMATIK disco bootleg mix [mediafire via discobelle]

[pic is a found fact from last weekend; sure to happen again tonite, only better dressed and more populated by pretty peoples]

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