Monday, March 23, 2009

Throw a neg! #3: Rachel Getting Married

see red
This won't be bilious like the last "neg" thrown. In fact, I think this movie is relatively worthy of attention. It's just not that good, or maybe not even "good" at that. For starters, the screenplay is thick. For another, Anne Hathaway can't carry her eyeliner that well. For more, there's this whole multiculti bit of nonsense that seems genuinely celebrated, not investigated, by Demme's (dare I say it?) indulgent running time. Yep: this thing should have been--or at least could have been--30 minutes shorter. There was too much pageant, somehow too little Bill Irwin (defo too lil Winger), and way too many Serious Dramatic Clich├ęs. That, or I'm just not interested. No amount of docu-hijinks can get me into thinking all that pomp was knowingly dumb; not when I'm forced to watch it for so long from a camera giddy to see smiles dancing. --RWK


  1. thank you for saying this. this is not a good movie. there is nothing real about this. which is the same as new or original. a dogme lifetime drama.

    you cant fool me. im familiar with the process.

  2. no doubt, hugo. dogme lifetime. i often found myself asking (aloud, to my lady), is this really still going on? and then it kept going on.

    i will say, tho, that bill irwin is fantastic. so great. he almost sells that stupid fucking dishwasher scene.