Monday, March 23, 2009

What Community? #86: SFJ lives in a fishtown

I've tried to like SFJ, I have. And, to be fair, not liking him gets me nowhere. So most of the time I ignore the guy. But then some days I happen upon something that makes me intrigued again and I look around at more of his stuff. And then his ugly side rears its head again. As with this post on his New Yorker blog. I mean, congrats, guy, you've been employed for five years by one of the most prestigious culture mags in the biz. But, and here you're right, MP, I just don't like jerks. And it's rare that SFJ comes off as humble. Maybe that's why I'm where I'm at and he's where he's at... it is a game after all. --RWK

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