Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Design Poach #15: WiiSpray

Yet another reason to get a Wii. Some German dude programmed this as a thesis. More about it here. --RWK [via ANIMAL]


  1. Wow. When I used to bomb that beat would the last thing I'd have in my head while hopping fences.

    Great, now they can all experience that thrill in the comfort of their couch.

  2. Hey, he's german. Gotta expect that kind of thing. You can imagine what CB and I had blasting. Awwww yeah: PAVEMENT, dogg. Or the WU, it's true.

    Couches are where it's at. I wish I had a couch. I wish my girl had a couch. Maybe if I had a couch I wouldn't think couches are where it's at?