Thursday, April 2, 2009

Encounter #138: Unheard of.

I'm pretty tired of white people talking about Wayne (as I know Cuy is as well) but allow me this: Wayne knows some hoops. He drops some names you probably don't even want to pay attention to, like Spencer Hawes, noted seven-foot Pacific Northwest redneck Republican. Also, it's unclear who his "we"s refer to, even though "we" all know he's from Nola, not Sacto, and I'm sure he drinks clear alcohol with CP3. He's a genuine weirdo. Related: Maybe my horned rim glasses (yup) should be bigger? --RWK [via]


  1. he's clearly off the syrup. also, he may have halfway cleared up his yuckmouth, always helpful. -- kkcb5200

  2. he's defo lucid. still weird, and still impressively in tune with the game, which only makes him weirder yet. i imagine him watching espnews while lifting and running on a treadmill simultaneously. and he's sippin, too, in between "reps" -- or whenever.