Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kanye is not Stronger than Daft Punk, Madonna, or even Diddy, and especially not Kels.

I first heard about the possibility of this over at Palms Out. It's as annoying in reality as it was in theory. Not only is he "sampling" Daft Punk but he's "sampling" one of their biggest hits (from years past) and barely changing it. The production is cool, sure, but I'd rather listen to "Gold digger" to be honest.

And now this video? How many ideas are you trying to cram into this piece of shit? Just the other day a friend of mine asked, "What ever happened to the concept video?" Well, this is it. I mean, I'm not against appropriating old art for new art (d'uh) but I'm against lazy theft. Even a Madonna video like "Express Yourself" (dir. David Fincher, see below) made sense in its marriage of performance and storyline: everything worked together. Here, it's just one idea stumbling into another, which I think is why the song is so annoying, too. Kanye heard some hot new French electro shit and decided to thieve that for his next big thang. That's all well and cool as long as it's actually positioned as a remix, or it's using some new artist like the ever-accumulating avalanche that is Justice. At this level, "Stronger" is no better than everybody's least favorite tribute song, "I'll Be Missing You". But then, at least that video was kind of amusing in its fish eyed late-90s candy visuals. And, well, it was about Biggie. What is Kanye's song about? How he's the best, yet again. Get over yourself and actually make me believe it but actually making a song I like. Or, stop being so earnest about how much you love yourself. Take a lesson from these guys:

She was hot, and David Fincher's visual style is kind of great despite being because it's mostly ingratiating and ostentatious and plain silly.

I miss Biggie, too. And 112, kinda.

So unsexy it's unbelievably awesome.

Here's a Diplo remix of Kanye's song that is undoubtedly sloppy, as usual, and better than Kanye's because, well, Kanye isn't allowed an appearance: mofo's muted. --RWK

Kanye West - Stronger (Diplo's Work Is Never Over remix)

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