Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mostly ridiculous but... looks like Carter III isn't droppin' in '07

I guess confronting the problem of arguably talented and clever rappers putting out terrible videos is quite the task. Maybe all the "Kanye shouldnt rap" rap is off slightly. I mean his "Throws some D's" remix is great, the video is better and he didnt have to steal a 10 year old Daft song. The attempt at making fun of itself is still hopeless because no matter how moral The Game wants to be and how much of a slut Kanye jokes to be, they still cant get away from the mirror. Check it out.

Plus, Kanye's D's

I dont think Fincher is comin back to music unless 3000 convinces him to. And Gondry should stick with Chapelle. Maybe Gore Verbinski ??? It could work. --CB


  1. Michael Mann, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Dominoes -- who won't he shout out to? At least he's single, right?

  2. I don't think Gore Verbinski is coming back to the telly for anything now that he's, well, fucking insane-type rich off _Pirates_...