Thursday, February 21, 2008

Songs #2: Reasons

everybody has their reasons, even this guy
I've been listening to There Is Nothing Wrong With Love a lot in the past month. Probably has something to do with February and all its baggage (social and personal) but I'm not in the mood to investigate that. Rather, I offer the second song on that album (maybe the best song on that long player?) as evidence of another melody (emotion) that's been on repeat in my brain. Plus, of course, it's just a great song: full of life, pathetic explosions, reasons, surprises and, yes, love. --RWK

Reasons - Built To Spill (zshare)

[Pic: Another easy one for friends of mine and fans of the flick who will instantly understand the link I've made. Still waiting for your guesses on that first image.]

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