Tuesday, June 24, 2008

(NOT) Genius Marketing #23: Batman does not drink milk. Bruce Wayne drinks milk.

bat milk stache man
I just don't buy it. Actually, I don't buy milk anymore, either. But I do buy yogurt. Sweet, sweet Greek-style yogurt for my granola. I bet Bruce Wayne gets Alfred to order Greek-style yogurt straight from Greece, not Trader Joe's. Do you think there's a TJ's in Gotham? Like, right near Union Square? Er, Wayne Tower?

Also, this is the "new suit" Wayne asked for in the trailer? How much more high tech does it need to be? I know Nolan is after some amount of "realism" or whatever but this is borderline retarded. Luckily the movie will not be lit like this ad, though, and it will hide the designer's wet dream of gadgetry. --RWK [via]

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