Thursday, August 21, 2008

Encounter #103: "One ugly muddafucka."

The Ratatat shtick is getting a little tired but this video is pretty good, even if it falls into the same traps that cripple their music. Repetition is all well and good in a pop song but when shit's this synthetic it only gets grating. They make their point and then hammer at it, hammer at it, drive it deep. Except it's not that deep, just kinda cool. I like how goofy their whole deal is but after a while I want something new (or newer): they should do more hip hop remixes. Selfish, I know. While we're here: Predator is awesome, by the way. A real gem of trashy 80s action cinema; it revels in tacky color-characters with such self-awareness that it's hard to take seriously, or get turned off, and real easy to enjoy. --RWK

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