Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Considerable linear extent in space #5: Watch all 61

I realize I'm late on this. It's so worth it to watch. What's funny to me is how far the pendulum continues to swing in favor of Kobe. As if everybody and their mom decided, "Aw, shucks, he's no rapist." Can't really blame them, though, when you're one of them. Especially watching a performance like this one. A couple of those step-through drives made me think just how much he would fuck you up in a game of 21, and then how much I just want to watch Bron and Kobe and D-Wade play 21, and then how much money Stern would make if he got them to do that. I guess that's why there's an All-Star Game or whatever but there's still 7 other dudes on the court. I'm talking real 21, with the you-miss-you-guard and only-3-FT's and behind-the-arc-is-2 rules. Who do you think would win? Wouldn't that be great TV? They would have to mic them, too, so we could hear them gab at each other and talk mess. Pay-per-view? How much would you pay? Or would you just hit --RWK

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