Saturday, March 15, 2008

Genius Marketing #10: Le Mépris, bande-annonce originale
Songs #7: Théme de Camille

After reading good buddy Steve Boone's takedown of Contempt at The House, I wound up searching for clips on youtube (can I ever not "waste time"?) and came across this amazing trailer. Makes me want to see it again even more. Especially on a big screen. I could live in that score most days. And, you know, Brigitte Bardot's naked ass. (O, snap!) --RWK


Georges Delarue - Théme de Camille (zshare audio files are automatically on repeat...ahh!)

[Pic is no mystery. I'm handing this one to you. Plus another to, um, grow on. Both were stolen. I do not own _Contempt_, although I wouldn't mind that. My friends all know its cover beckons me whenever we're in the DVD section of Amoeba.]

naked ass

UPDATE, ten minutes later:
Duh: Rialto is re-releasing the picture. Here's the ad with subtitles, if you're into that sort of thing. Or you just don't understand French and think that's the way you're meant to enjoy this trailer. (I don't think that's the case.)

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