Sunday, June 29, 2008

Encounter #89: What can I say? She's right.

By most accounts a stupid and hateful movie, Domino is never boring, nor as incomprehensible as its many detractors shout. Indeed, it is stupid and macho and, on the whole, too much in all the wrong places (too little elsewhere), but it's so fucking campy I couldn't resist it. On top of that, I'm getting the feeling that if Tony Scott ever gets a good screenplay like he did with the first half of Deja Vu (a closet favorite, especially those first few encounters in the little room with the big gadget), he's bound to make a film for the ages. I don't think The Taking of Pelham 123 will be that movie -- in fact, I don't think he'll ever make that movie -- but it's nice to dream some times. At night. I gave Domino 3 stars out of 5 on Netflix when it probably only deserves 2. It's my own bought and paid for rating system (thank you very much) *cough* so I'll do whatever I want. Also, I'll dream. (Why does she look best with short hair? Am I crazy?) --RWK


  1. True Romance is pretty close to a Tony Scott film for the ages. Got QT to thank for that, I'm sure. Ah hell, sometimes Herr Scott's Bruce Weber-cribbing gaze is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. True Romance. Yes. Some great scenes. But the last time I watched it I kept wishing QT had directed it. I want Tony Scott to direct something where the screenplay doesn't attract attention to itself. There's a reason Denzel keeps popping up in his films: Scott doesn't have to direct him that much and can trust him to give a fine performance. For instance, not that the latest iteration was a great screenplay, I think a Tony Scott version of _I Am Legend_ could be something special. He seems devoted to singular-perspective flicks so the first hour or so with Neville alone could be a thing of beauty. Francis Lawrence made it look pretty and all but it was pretty pro forma more than pretty pretty.

    Anyways... I'll look into this Bruce Weber. Maybe that's what I'm looking for after all.

  3. You know, this movie isn't really terrible unless you evaluate it by some "rubric of excellence"... no, it's not Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Neither is it a load of pornographic crap. It's so fake and foolish that I don't know how you can get mad at it...