Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Community? #40: Baron Opts Out.

The buzz had been that Baron would not walk away from $17.8 million. Looks like he did. There's talk of The Clippers (Elton Brand and Corey Maggette opted out, too, potentially clearing some cap space) and the Knicks (D'antoni loves 3 pointers just as much as Baron; but D'antoni also like FG%, unlike BD) as possible destinations. I'm sure it's a story we'll be watching for weeks to come. But, regardless of destinations and endpoints, the only clear fact is that Boom, here, wants security. He wants to be wanted. He's no different than any of us! He's insecure, too, underneath it all! Or not.

I was coming to grips with the idea of a starting five reprise (Baron at 1, Monta at 2, Cap'n Jack at 3, Al at 4, Fast Andy at 5) with more playing time for the young guys (Belinelli spelling the backcourt, B-Rite and Randolph stretching in space at the 4). But maybe this means they sign Monta long term and put him at the 1? Despite Nelli's love, I doubt the W's resign Kalenna; I doubt we see Pietrus back; hell, isn't Patrick O'Bryant ready to bolt? If they do, somehow, manage to resign Baron and Monta and Fast Andy, tho, it'll be quite the energized team ready to win. They'll have a tough time contending with the Blazers' rise next season but I could see the W-men stepping into the playoffs ahead of the basket case Nuggets (even if they get Chauncey) and -- wait for it -- Steve Kerr's failed Suns experiment. Anyways: that's, like, a year away. For now the drama rests with number 5. Because, after that big trade, it doesn't look like Memphis will be looking at Monta after all. Although, to be honest, I worry somebody smart will offer Fast Andy a good deal the Warriors will be too stingy, and bolstered by too much confidence in B-Rite and Randolph, to match. --RWK

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