Monday, June 30, 2008

Encounter #92: More "real" than real?

Mary-Kate Olsen. I'm kinda feeling her here. Especially when she says some mess about "wormy," "oily" Spencer Pratt (Dave's words, not mine). At the least she seems more real than, um, Paul. Not that that's saying much, I guess. Still: I'm surprised that she seems like she's a real person after 22 long, hard years of scrutiny -- and 10 of those were spent under the watchful eyes of pervs the world over. If anything, she's a weird specimen of celebrity I'm intrigued, if not plain perplexed, by. Cuz, like, wasn't it her apartment that Heath Ledger died in? Weird.* Does that really mean he hit that? Weird.* She made out with Ben Kingsley? Weird.*** Has an affable sense of humor about it? Weird.**** I think I want to marry her. Weird.***** --RWK

* = This kinda makes me hate her, and count her as accomplice.
** = Shallow Ryland is jealous of a dead man? Weird. Is Shallow Ryland jealous? Not quite: I like living.
*** = Nah, more like "Gross."
**** = Really? She thought up that joke about Gandhi?
***** = This has drummed up way too many mixed emotions for a random blog post. Must retire from the internet for the evening.

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