Sunday, June 29, 2008

Genius Marketing #26
Encounter #90
The Dark Knight prologue.

You may not want to watch this but if you're anticipating The Dark Knight as much as I am (a lot, but not over the top) then the geek inside won't be able to resist. Maybe you've already seen it. It's apparently included on the Blu-Ray Batman Begins disc so I imagine it isn't brand new news but the disc doesn't hit stands for another week so this may be news, actually. I dunno. What I do know is that this is tight. Heath Ledger is pretty awesome, as expected, and there's a William Fitchner cameo. A lot of hype-heads are already calling this the greatest movie ever -- and for a lot of people I imagine it will be -- but this video, while cool, isn't going to help that argument. Also funny: it's a segment shot in IMAX, leaked on Blu-Ray and transfered to YouTube. So it's not quite as impressive as it should be. What I'm most curious about is whether or not this is actual footage from the film or if this is simply a test run with the equipment that reveals just enough but not too much to show off before the theatrical release date. In any event, it's another brilliant installment in the marketing plan for this picture. So, without further ado, feast your geeked out eyes on this grainy "Best Quality" clip. --RWK

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