Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Encounter #79: "Joe Johnson Owns The Fourth Quarter"

I know this is a day late. But when the Suns get bounced after a truly valiant game from Boris Diaw and yet another obscene Hack-a-Shaq routine from Mr. Evil, Greg Popovich, I thought I'd go ahead and post some uplift. We all know the Hawks are bound to get bounced, too, cuz -- who are we kidding, here -- they're not this year's Warriors, but like Shoals said, all of "Johnson's slow-mo isolations that hovered somewhere between smooth and drunken" were awesome. And cuz this series just got way more fun (less depressing) than that "Oh SHIT Tony Parker is the real deal" cake walk the Spurs just finished. We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings us, as ever, won't we? No way the Hawks keep it up, right? As much as I loathe Boston, and don't find the Celtics' game to be that interesting, I still really dig KG (no matter how insane he's gotten) and Ray Allen (who doesn't like He Got Game?) and a Celtics-Lakers series would probably be pretty dope. And kind of hilarious. Imagine the spin. --RWK


  1. A txt:
    "Hawks and rockets! Round 1 bad boys. F the spurs and hornets! Indifference to kobe and lebron. Analysis brought to you by Cooler"

  2. My iNet too slow to go for a logon to blogger and a reload of FREENikes, but alas, it is me. You know what I really cant take?? How terrible the Suns actually are. I didnt think you were right when you said "I hate them post-shaq" but its so true. No Shaq, Marion is shooting or better yet, Amare! Nash cant hang with Tony Parker, or anyone else for that matter. The key component to playing like S Nash is sadly, youth. His is running out. Not to toot my own horn, but Manu, if anyone, will be the one who takes them to Finals. last night, 8 points. Somehow he was the first thing mentioned in the post- game Seger/Parker interview. If it so happens that the Rockets beat the Jazz, Ill be stoked, not for T-maC though, bc he has dissappointed one to many times in the past. Happy that Boozer's terrible face will never inhabit my screen again (this season). And also, the Lakers will sweep the Rockets giving them ample energy to Fuck up los Spurs (who will Not sweep the Hornets). In the east, who Fucking cares. maybe Lebron a nd KG will talk shit to eachother, thats the excitement i look forward to. ugh

  3. i went a little crazy with the fN posting last night. glad you commented, tho. these playoffs are bizarre. and, yes, the suns aren't the suns anymore. i wanted to like the shaq trade but it was pretty evident, even when they did beat the spurs in the regular season, that the experiment was sad. that shaq was a shadow. that fucking free throws will determine his stupid legacy. and that steve nash's time was up two seasons ago. i just wish watching cp3 was as much fun as nash in his heyday. at least dwill is a beast. and that fancy spaniard in toronto is pretty cool. anyways: pager code joined the 'wagon two years too late. now let's hope d'antoni does leave, and somehow takes diaw with him, and the warriors get the suns spot in the playoffs next season. at least they're still crazy. like, genuinely crazy. and not in the chaotic way that the hawks play. the hawks are to the warriors as tony scott is to michael mann; the hawks flail and get lucky, never really getting their insanely talented roster together on the same page, whereas the warriors are all about chemistry and fun and a fluid (maybe reckless) game. it's the most fun basketball to watch. cuz, really, i just want to watch good games. and, you know, somebody beating the spurs. but, you know what? as much as i hate Mr. Evil, i respect the shit out of TD and the white cooler and tony "yes you lead a charmed life" parker. i may even go so far as to say i'm happy they won this series. i just wish they weren't so boring. and that they didn't play cheap. anybody can hack-a-shaq. why not try to have some fun, too?

    end of rant.