Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Community? #31: Seven seconds or less.

Bill Simmons has just written what could be termed the definitive history of the Suns from when they were THE SUNS! to now when we know them only as the suns. You should read it. It's just too bad he had to go and make a reference to how great the Celtics are there at the end. It's predictable, Bill. However, I will say, I'm glad I didn't grow up a Suns fan. No matter how good the Diamondbacks franchise has turned out to be, I don't think I could live through the kind of pain this remembrance must stir up in a die-hard SUNS! fan. Especially after that "Joe Johnson Owns The Fourth Quarter" game last week. Even if Boris Diaw played the best of any Suns player in games 4 and 5, I'd rather have Joe Johnson, Amare, and any number of the Suns' former draft picks. For instance, they once drafted a player named Rajon Rondo and traded him to Boston for some money. How would you like him backing up Nash right now? --RWK

[Pix: Then and now.]

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