Thursday, May 1, 2008

Encounter #83: Wave yo face all you want.

I know this is old hat but this video is pretty well edited. Also, I didn't catch that thing right at the beginning: "Hey, nigga I was in Oakland; Oakland like Brooklyn." Skippy. Also, tomorrow's game is big. I'm torn. I really dig Caron Butler, and I'm happy for Antawn Jaminson in a way, but I do loathe the tactless, classless DeShawn Stevenson... and as Team America said, the longer I get to watch LeBron play (ahem, slash and explode and rise higher than the rim) the better. Or, you know, force a Game 7; prove you don't need Gil. That way Agent Zero can opt out and go to Toronto with D'antoni and Calderon and Bosh for the next high flying Seven Seconds or Less team. --RWK [via Fear The Beard]

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