Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Community? #30: Obama AND1, son!

I didn't know Obama was a lefty. Makes his game that much more tantalizing, doesn't it? Apparently he played ball with the Tar Heels Tuesday morning at 7:15AM (EST). Tuesday morning at 7:15AM (PST) I was asleep and loving it. How come he's 20 years older than me and is in such better shape? Oh, right, he's driven to succeed, a politician and former lawyer, a Harvard graduate, a possible future for our country, and he balled as a kid. Big surprise. I'm sure he'd be a dope pick-up partner. Gotta love that take at the end of the clip. Still: how do you guard Barak Obama with grace? I'm sure that idiot hard worker Tyler Hansborough could have stuffed him in his grill but here he is, always playing the game "the right way." Well, there's this telling scrimmage stat: zero points. Maybe playing the right way did work. Me? I'd probably get caught up in the competition, forget who he was and Bruce Bowen his ass without realizing it, annoying the piss out of him. --RWK [via]
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