Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Songs #17: One Word Extinguisher

one word
I'd forgotten how great this album is when you're in the right mood. And, surprisingly, how great it is to write to. As Pager Code said once, I thought Scott Herren here was going to determine my musical outlook for a long time when this album came out. Too bad it only lasted another EP. I mean, I was into Appropa't more than the rest of my friends but it's chilled out vibe was kind of the opposite of what I dig so much about how nervy and dense stuff like song folds into itself. And this is carried out over the whole album, which is amazing, Mr Lif appearance aside. (Mr Lif and Diverse are serious downgrades from Mikah 9 and Aesop Rock, but you take what you can get.) I may even like the follow-up EP more (Crazy!) because it doesn't have any featured rappers. --RWK

Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher

[Pix: keeping with the Denzel theme from a much lesser (but I'd still argue interesting) movie than _He Got Game_ whose title makes a nice joke with the title of this song. Besides, everybody loves Christopher Walken these days.]

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